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A Student Reflection On Multiple LCR ISW Trips

Coming from Myanmar and having gone through a significant amount of uncertainty, isolation, fear and anxiety, the first thing I did when I finally arrived in Liverpool (during 10 days quarantine) was to look for an opportunity to have some human interaction.

I was already excited enough by the name of International Student Welcome (ISW) itself and to meet new people. My Day-11 in the UK (Day 1 after self-quarantining), I joined the Mersey Ferries Tour. The welcoming smiles, new people and breath of fresh air are all things that I've been desperately missing for months. The sun was shining bright. The wind is just right. Having to just talk, meeting new international students alike, feeling listened to what I've gone through did make my day and did make me feel welcomed.

That one decision I made during quarantine and with follow-up tours I joined, like Tunnels tour, Southport Atkinson tour, I now feel I belonged to Liverpool!

Kudos to ISW organising teams and partners that make us feel special and welcomed! Looking forward to more of the same in the future!

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