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A Student's Experience From The Trip To Another Place

Crosby has lush vegetation and beautiful environment. When you step into it, you will feel the fresh air, breath and fragrance.

I like the feeling on the road, which greatly enriches my life and vision. We love coming here. It’s relaxing, the statues in the sea and on the beach are amazing and totally vanish at high tide! If you like birds, good place to watch them! People fish here as well! Always loads of ships and boats coming in and out of the docks and marinas.

It’s relaxing, interesting and some good walks! Well worth a visit! Going to different places and seeing different scenery will let me know how big the world is, so I won't be bothered by trifles. I think an open mind is particularly important for a person, and travel is a good way to open mind. Maybe some people will say that the reason why I travel is just because I want to relax, there is no doubt. For whatever reason, travel is always tempting.

As we were visiting Liverpool, and Crosby beach being 6 miles away, it was a must for me to visit as this is on my bucket list. Another Place Sculptures.

Unfortunately for me the tide was in this day, however we enjoyed a lovely autumn walk along the seafront.

These sculptures are just amazing. Although I don’t get chance to stand by one and take it all in

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