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Reflection On The Visit To Museum Of Liverpool

The most important comprehensive museum in Liverpool mainly collects cultural relics and treasures from all over the world. The mummies of ancient Egypt are especially worth visiting. The museum is free to visit. The terracotta warriors and horses and Egyptian mummies on display in the World Museum have attracted many tourists, especially in front of the terracotta warriors and horses in the Chinese Museum.

World Museum exhibits collections in various fields including nature, history and science, including aquarium, insect museum and Planetarium. From living insects to Egyptian mummies, from prehistoric pottery to space exploration, everyone can find something suitable for themselves, especially for children to visit. There are many columns, typical European style, old yellow. World Museum is really a museum suitable for children.

There are various interactive exhibitions. There are space, dinosaurs, Egyptian aquarium and so on. It's still very fun. Especially the Biology Museum below. There are various models in it. The staff will ask you to touch these things and try their best to let you take photos with the specimens. Super cute.

It is particularly spectacular. I found out later that it is neoclassical architecture. Unfortunately, I just got off the bus. It was cold and there were no people.

The staff in World Museum are very good. You can have a good time and see a lot of specimens and aquariums.

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