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Student Experiences On The Liver Bird Tour

Student Experiences For A Local Tour

While all trips with the International Student Welcome Team were eye opening and interesting, the Liver Bird Tour was my favourite. The meeting point was at the heart of the city, The Bluecoat, at around 4 pm on mid-October, meaning it was still nice and bright. There we met the lovely student ambassador and the tour guide. As we waited for students, the friendly ambassador and the tour guide introduced themselves and asked us to do the same to get to know each other. When the rest of the students arrived, the fun began.

The aim of the tour was to spot the Liver birds around the city, on sculptures and building facades, however, that was not about it. The amazingly knowledgeable tour guide has also given us a historical tour of the city. Starting with the history of The Bluecoat, where we met, and on to other buildings and areas that we walked by or stopped at to find the birds. The guide spoke to us about previous functions of the buildings and important events that took place in them or around them.

Walking slowly through the busy city centre, we have listened to and interacted with the tour guide who has given us hints to find the birds. To make it even more fun, we were asked to keep count of the birds, which was also challenging as the number increased.

As we left the city centre and started heading to the Liver Building by the river it started to rain a little. Nonetheless, the tour continued to be as insightful and fun as when we first started. The liver Building was our last stop, there we took a group picture and exchanged contacts. Lastly, some of us walked together to the city centre while enjoying the beautiful sunset scene.

To list but a few reasons why this trip was my favourite I would say it was very insightful, the tour guide had much information to share and never failed to answer our questions; finding the birds was really fun because it had us look at places we normally do not pay attention to; it was a great opportunity not only to meet new people, but also to interact with them and make friends.

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