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Student Reflection: Admiring St John's Garden

St. John's Garden is located in the centre of Liverpool and the west of St. George's Hall. It is part of William Brown Street reserve. It is an open public space. It has become an indispensable part of Liverpool citizens' leisure and entertainment. It is famous for its unique creative monuments and sculptures.

St. John's Garden is the best choice to escape the noisy life and enjoy the quiet and comfortable nature. There are lush trees, green grass and blooming flowers in the garden, just like a green paradise, providing the freshest air for Liverpool. There are many colorful flower beds in the park, which are specially made to commemorate the famous figures of Liverpool. The memorial sculptures in the park are the most attractive. Many of them are listed as first-class registered buildings in Britain by English heritage. Among them, the Rathbone monument is carved in memory of William Rathbone who died in 1902, and the Gladstone monument is in memory of the British politician W. E. Gladstone.

The quiet, elegant St. John's garden has become the best choice for a picnic. Many families like to sit together and enjoy delicious lunch in the warm sun. It can not only relax, but also enhance the feelings between families.