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Student Reflection On A Trip To The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story Museum, also known as the "Beatles Museum" or "Beatles Story Memorial", is located in Liverpool, England. It opened in 1990. It is a museum dedicated to commemorating the Beatles and introduces the mental journey of the Beatles in different periods.

When you enter the museum, you enter the Beatles' world. There are their music, their precious pictures and materials, which attract 300000 tourists every year. The exhibition in the museum is rich and colorful, including voice guidance in 8 languages, so that visitors can better understand the little bit of the band. In addition, visitors can also see the imitation Cavin club, enjoy Fab 4D movies and taste the Beatles' past and present lives.

The precious vinyl records in the museum recorded an incomparably brilliant music era and also affected the people of an era. I believe every Beatles music fan who comes to the museum will be deeply touched and filled with emotion.